Are you making the income you deserve? Is lack of clients or sales holding back? You too can create the business of your dreams and reach your financial goals!

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I’m Helena, now living my dreams in San Diego! I’m a serial entrepreneur, that’s passionate, well maybe a little obsessed with entrepreneurship, lifestyle and mindset. It’s been over 2 decades since I was a single mom beginning my entrepreneurial adventures with a new business (an auto repair shop if you can believe it!) and struggling to make ends meet. I learned the hard way about self doubt and burnout, and made many mistakes along the wayThen after a few years, after I opened Strut Hair Solutions in 2003, I figured out the TRIFECTA of what it meant to have a successful life and business. I found the way to scale, systematize and increase sales to create the business of my dreams.  My journey to this point has not been easy, and I don’t have all of the answers. But, I am committed to sharing with you both my personal journey and professional expertise to help you learn and grow to into your best-self to lead from a servant mindset. 

You may feel overwhelmed and not sure where to go from here, don’t worry I’m here for you. You can work with me and my team and be supported by the best in the business for mindset, marketing, breakthroughs, and sales.

 Let’s create the life of your dreams.

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The 7-Figure Salon Intensive

You’ve been to trainings before, they tell you what to do, not how to do it. This 2-day intensive goes over WHAT you need to do to hit 6 or 7-Figures in your business, but also gives you the HOW to get there! Limited to only 15 solo-preneur, business owners, and managers. Reserve your spot today! Only 2 dates left in 2019.

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If you’re not thrilled with where your business is...

It’s time to make a change-- and I’m here to help you make that change possible!

You probably opened your business so you could experience financial freedom and free time for your family, friends or hobbies—but what most owners don’t realize is that these are 2 of the hardest things to achieve—without the right roadmap, skills and strategy. Real time Business skills—and HOW to apply them.

Let’s get real, what’s holding you back?

Here are a few of the challenges I see holding most business owners back:

  • Exhaustion & Burnout - Working longer instead of smarter.
  • Limiting Beliefs - What stories are you telling yourself that are holding you back, preventing you from getting what you want.
  • Isolation – Your friends and family don’t understand what it takes to run a business. You need a community of like minded entrepreneurs to support you and help you scale.
  • You struggle to build the right team. You want motivated, passionate people who will carry your vision forward … yet it can be a challenge to find staff who are willing just to come to work.
  • You’ve been stuck – for months, and even for years – at a certain revenue level. And you just can’t break through this invisible ceiling.
  • You know your business could be a lot bigger and more successful than it is now. But you don’t know what steps to take to scale your business.

These are just a few…Can you relate?

Now, Let’s Imagine..

  • Getting clear on your vision, with the 7-Figure Salon roadmap tailored to your business, that is simple and feels doable.
  • Having a marketing plan to in place to provide consistent leads
  • Learning how the customer experience has changed and creating raving fans
  • Have a community and coach to support you and hold you accountable to your goals


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