How to Create a Winning Team

Jul 06, 2021

People often say that happy clients are the key to a successful salon business--but I believe that a winning and happy team is actually the key to long term success. 

Your team is at the front line of your business and is the first representation of your brand. Like it or not, your team can make or break your business. Your clients interact with your team members first. Their experience with your business is most likely through your team. So yes, a winning team = happy clients. 

You might be thinking, ‘Helena, creating a winning team is so much harder said than done. How do I know what a winning team looks like for my salon? And how do I even get started?’ 

No worries--I’m here to help. Creating your own winning team is a breeze if you have the right guidance. Let me share a few of my tips for creating the winning team of your dreams. 

What does it look like?

A winning team for your salon  may look different for your salon business than mine. When defining what you want from your team, you need to first understand your salon’s goals and values. When you understand your brand fully, it’s easier to choose team members who align with your brand and its values. 

How do you create it?

This is where your salon’s culture comes into play. Equally important to building your winning team is fostering a positive and healthy  salon culture.

Setting your salon culture: 

The salon industry is one of the the only industries where full team walk-outs occur fairly often. To say it bluntly: we have the daunting and oftentimes stressful task as salon owners to regulate our salon’s culture and make sure our team is happy. If not, the salon walk out could be in your salon next. 

A lot of salon owners make the mistake of not setting and managing their salon’s culture enough. As the owner, you can and should manage your culture. Encouraging, recognizing and rewarding positive traits you see in your team is the key to fostering a healthy salon culture. Besides that, a strong understanding of your brand and its values can help you set a culture that aligns with that.

Finding the right people:

Keeping your brand's values in mind when hiring stylists and other team members is also essential. When you’re hiring, you’re looking for more than just talent--you’re looking for someone who is the right fit for your salon culture and the brand you’ve created.

What if one of your team members isn't a good fit:

As a salon owner, we have to make tough calls, and they can be stressful and emotional. I get it. Making tough calls for your salon business can feel personal, but it’s important to keep your salon at the forefront of your mind and remember that you’re making a decision for the good of your business. 

This past week,  I had to reevaluate my team and make a big decision. Whenever I have to make a big decision for my business, I always like to sit with it for at least a day to weigh my options. My advice: Don’t react immediately and let your emotions make a decision. It’s all in how you react. Take some time to sit on your it and then the right decision will come to you. 

I'll leave you with this...

The bottom line is that creating a winning team is an investment. It takes work. But if you invest in the right team, you will see the payout in the long run. 

Now, If you want to go deeper and learn more about hiring the right team and building culture in your salon or beauty business  visit us at and schedule a free 30 min coaching call!  You don’t have to go at this alone. 




You don't have to go at this alone.

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