Invest in a great pillow and the most expensive mattress you can afford.

Aug 17, 2019

For the first blog of the 7 Figure Salon, I want us to start with self care, for the business owner.  If we don’t take care of ourselves how can we build a business that takes care of others?

I was exposed to this idea 10 years ago of purchase the most expensive mattress and best pillow you can afford. 

Why you say? That was my thought too. What’s he talking about. Glad you asked. Here is what he said, we spend between 6-10 hrs every night on that pillow and mattress, that’s as much if not more than the average worker spends at work in a day.  I had never thought of how much time I spent in bed. 

In order to run a successful business, you need a great nights sleep. How can we handle all the demands during our day if we are irritable and cranky from lack of sleep? Truth

It’s just a mattress, I was telling my self….  but the timing was perfect when I heard this message as I had just moved to San Diego from Fresno and I was making a fresh start on a lot of things.  After hearing this and having my stores 10 years at this point, I though huh, let me make the investment here, he’s right I spend 8 hours every night sleeping…If I want to be leader I need a good nights rest. Protect my most important asset ME. 

So, I went to the mattress store for the first time. The mattress I was replacing I’d had at least 10 years and it wasn’t new when I got it. 

It was overwhelming in the store to say the least, there were at least 50 different displays and many different brands, plus  and how much do I invest, the range was huge. 

After trying a few out, laying on them and hoping I’d feel a difference,  I chose a CA King Stearns & Foster pillow top with air wicking etc. The salesman said it could take up to 90 days to break in. Plus, I’f I didn’t sleep better, I could return it up to 100 days later.  Okay, test drive. What did I have to lose. The salesman also threw in 2 pillows after some nudging. Retail $100.00 each.

All my pillows previously came from Marshall’s for $14.99.  Which were fine before…but, I kid you not, when I had company and they used my pillow, they all complemented how comfortable and would ask what brand!  

Turned out this was the best investment I could have made. One thing you’ll never hear me say is I didn’t get a good nights sleep when I’m at home. And the bummer about this is even when traveling and in nice hotels, I can’t wait to get home and sleep in my bed. As I write this, I’ve been staying with my daughter in her dorm the last few nights, and my back is killing me. I can’t wait to get home and stretch out in my bed. 

If a mattress is not in your budget now, my suggestion would be a good pillow. Not from Marshall’s or Bed bath and Beyond. Go to the mattress store and see what pillows they offer and try them out.  Take your time, remember this is an investment, you deserve it. You’ll thank me later for this and so will your team. Sweet dreams. 


To your Success, 



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