You can still crush your goals for 2019

Sep 30, 2019

Last night, I was planning my goals for the last quarter of this year, when I realized this is the last quarter of the decade. 

 Wow, this got me thinking about 1999 and how Y2K was on everyone’s mind. Would the world come to an end…etc, etc. 

 Well I’ve been chattering to myself and everyone who will listen to me that “It’s almost 2020”! 

 This is a clean slate, a new start, it’s a new decade! 

 Boy, I love a fresh start (I feel that way every Monday).  Now, I’m questioning to myself how do I want the next 90 days to go, finishing up 2019.  

 The question is  where are you in the goals you set for yourself and your business in January? 

 Are you on track or have you veered off course?

 Have you checked back in with your goals throughout the year? 

 I currently have 3 businesses right now.  One my education company I just launched this year and my two hair studios I run and work in almost daily. 

 Now, as I’m planning this next decade out and 2020, I’m asking the question what do I need to do to rise to the next level in my businesses but also as a CEO and leader?

 For my companies to grow, I have to grow. I love the quote that goes something like, 

 “What got you where you are today, won’t get you where your going tomorrow”

 I also heard something so inspiring the other day, going with this theme, did you know the most points in sports are made in the last stretch of the game?

 The race is won or lost in the final push!  

 It’s the final push…the 4th quarter starts in a few days. 

 How do I plan and set my goals… here is what I do.  I’ll set weekly goals, monthly goals, quarterly goals and finally yearly goals. I do look out about 3 years usually once or twice through the year, but for me, I like smaller wins…taking me along the journey.

 I find setting my goals in chunks helps me better get my mind around the end goal. 

 With so much on our minds these days how can you remember what you promised yourself 6 months earlier.  Writing goals is said to have a power behind it, and I feel it. 

 I like to think it helps the universe conspire to help us achieve our wildest dreams. 

 I’ll leave you with a challenge, what do you need to do differently in your business to get to you next level? 

 Break it down so you don’t get overwhelmed. One of my mentors told me 90 day chunks then that 4 new habits or skills in a year! 

 I’ll leave you with this question, what are the things that move the needle the most in your business? How can you leverage these in 2020?  

 Let’s make 2020 your best year so far! 

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 Helena Gibson

Founder of Strut Hair Solutions

Creator of the 7-Figure Salon Academy 

Author “Secrets to Beautiful Hair”


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