Learn about the FASTEST growing segment in the hair industry

 — WIGS —


We are just going into the last quarter of 2019...What if you closed 2x your client consultations (and doubled your income) because your ticket sales were TWICE as high?


What if your stylists were doing 2x the selling for you?

(Retail Products)


What if you knew exactly what wigs to order that would fly off your shelves at top dollar?

 You can still hit your 2019 Goals!

 The alternative hair industry is BLOWING UP

The market opportunity for you as a wig shop, hair replacement studio, or salon owner is HUGE!

If you’re not thrilled with where your business is, it’s time to make a change-- and I’m here to help you make that change possible!


Celebs are all over Instagram wearing hair pieces and wigs.   Hello, Kylie Jenner!


Learn to give your clients what they REALLY want (it’s not about a price tag).


Whether you’re experienced or starting out, Intro to Wigs: Mastering the Basics online course is designed to help increase the value you give your clients, increase your prices and multiply your revenue.

The Intro to Wigs: Mastering the Basics by the 7-Figure Salon Academy is here to help you capitalize on the alternative hair industry’s lucrative opportunity.



This done-for-you wig training class is applicable to ALL industry professionals who want to increase their profit streams: whether you’re new to wigs or a seasoned pro.


Make your investment back in ONE wig sale!!!  

Secure your spot today!
 Mastering the Basics is specifically designed to help you:
  •     INCREASE your prices and give your clients valuable experiences they’ll pay top dollar for.
  •     Know exactly what to say to clients so they’ll trust you and keep coming back, even when they’re coming to you in vulnerable situations .
  •     Know exactly what questions to ask clients to lead them in a purchasing decision—without sounding salesy. 
  •     Help clients struggling through MEDICAL Hair loss from chemotherapy, Alopecia, and Trichotillomania—this will set you apart from your competitors.  
  •     Know how to fill out custom order forms(what to absolutely NOT miss).
  •     Master color rings and key differences between human hair and synthetic hair, know why it matters when fitting your clients and when to recommend each. 
  •     Manage client expectations—while increasing your prices. 
  •     Train your staff so they can do the selling FOR you.

Mastering the Basics comes with my free downloadable client consultation sheet—questions I’ve compiled to guide and make each appointment run super smoothly, based on years of experience.



Unlike all other training programs available, Mastering the Basics...Into to Wigs —covers everything you need to know to start making more revenue.

Hi, I’m Helena Gibson, your trainer.  I’m still in the hair replacement / salon  business, working on the floor with clients every week. This means you are getting real time, current training on what’s working and what’s not in the hair industry today—so you can be at the top of your game.

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Ok, so maybe you’re wondering if Mastering the Basics...Intro to Wigs is for you.

Here’s who Mastering the Basics Intro to Wigs not for:

Hair industry owners already making 7 figures who have their skills down to a T.

  •     Salon or wig shop owners who are not ready to implement and practice the skills we cover in training


 That’s it. This one’s designed for everyone—as long as you’re committed to doing the complete done-for-you map for successfully selling top-dollar wigs. 

Now, if you know (like me)

and you know the alternative hair market is exploding, that you can make 7 Figures or more selling WIGS...and you’re willing to work hard, then Mastering the Basics...Intro to Wigs is for YOU.




The hair industry is changing FAST—which means if you want to enjoy the lifestyle you want now (not in 20 years, or never), and if you want to get to your ideal clients before your competition does, you can’t bank on “figuring it out alone.”

Being a business owner is already enough of a solo-road. If you’re going to get ahead, you can’t reinvent the wheel.
Nothing is more critical than learning from those who have already spent years figuring out what works best. Plus, those who are successful? They all have coaches and are always learning new skills.
Based on a time-tested strategy from 20 years of experience and current marketing trends, Mastering the Basics...Intro to Wigs is specifically designed to help students like YOU learn to:

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll cover in Intro to Wigs: Mastering the Basics:

Module 1: Intro to Wigs 

  •       What is alternative hair

 Module 2: Cap Construction

  •       The difference between standard wefted cap, open cap construction and more—and when to recommend each to a client

 Module 3: Hair Types: Features & Benefits

  •       How to perfectly match hair types with clients’ lifestyles and needs
  •       Human hair wigs versus synthetic wigs, and when to recommend each
  •      What is a Human Hair Blend...Which client is this best for?

 Module 4: Color Rings & Special Orders

  •       Filling out special order forms and little-known details that make a BIG difference: what to do and what not to do
  •       How to match color rings the rightway

 Module 5: Client Consultation with BONUS Downloadable client intake form

  •       How to be a client’s first line of defense against hair loss—and the angel that helps them feel confident beautiful again
  •       Why and when you need private fitting rooms
  •       How to handle a medical hair loss consultation
o  BONUS: My FREE DONE-FOR-YOU Client intake form (so your appointments are hiccup-free)

 Module 6: Thinning & Point Cutting Techniques for Wigs

  •       Customizing wigs: Skills that will allow you to increase your price points
  •       Expert techniques for properly trimming & thinning that maintain the integrity of your client’s style and wig quality

Module 7:  Wig Styling and Steaming

  •       Styling synthetic versus human hair wigs: Do’s and don’ts, plus proper tools and techniques.
  •       Proper wig care and tips to leave with your clients that will boost the value of your services and leave clients with the best experience possible.  

 Module 8: Wrap Up

  •       Review
  •       FAQs
  •       My FREE client consultation sheet
  • Pricing...how to properly price your products

These 8 modules are valued at over $2,500, (the price of a human hair wig sale) but we're offering it for a crazy fraction, so that you can jumpstart your revenue for the last quarter of 2019 today!

We’re offering this exclusive training for a limited time. Our course will be released October 28th. You'll also get access to our private Facebook group.

Be SUPPORTED by an accountable, positive, community of other business owners when we add you to our private Facebook page to ask questions and get support while you go through the training.

Don't Wait...Join Intro to Wigs...Now

Still have questions about what’s included? We want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision

P.S. While we’re on the topic of decisions, here’s why I started the 7-Figure Salon Academy training programs:

I knew if I didn’t share what I’ve learned and work to help others be successful with their businesses too, I would regret it. So, speaking of no regrets and creating the life we want, I knew I had to listen to that voice and step up to my calling.
For 4 years it was nagging me, telling me I’m meant to make a greater impact on the world… to not keep all this to myself...
This is why I listened to my community, you and created Mastering the Basics...Intro to Wigs.
  • Charge above-average rates and secure a steady stream of repeat, top-tier clients.
  • Increase Revenue (There is a lot of money to be made selling hair & clients want it). 
  • Have a business that supports them in life so they can enjoy what life is really about—family, financial security and time.
If you made it this far, I only got one thing left to tell you:

Go join your tribe already

Questions about what’s included? Give us a call. We’re happy to address any concerns.

 Oh, and don’t forget: I’m GIVING AWAY a 30 minute coaching call to the first 3 who sign up. 

 Grab your spot now and if you get an email back from us to schedule your coaching call you know you’ve made it in time for the free give-away.


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