Crush your goals in 2020!

Don’t spend all of your time with clients or behind the chair.

You can work less and make more money.

The complete, done-for-you, step-by-step roadmap to 7-Figure success!


It's a new decade 2020, let's get off to a strong start!

If you’re not thrilled with where your business is, it’s time to make a change-- and I’m here to help you make that change possible!
You probably opened your hair studio so you could experience freedom and family time—but what most studio owners don’t realize is that these are 2 of the hardest things to achieve in the hair industry—without the right roadmap.
School does not teach you the #1 most important thing you need to be successful! Real time Business skills—and HOW to apply them.
And the hair training programs that ARE available?! They’re only teaching part of the puzzle.

Most people think working ‘till you drop and settling for “I make enough to put food on the table” is the “norm.” Most people think that to reach 7 figures you have to get lucky, be a rare breed, or just work 3x as hard.

None of these are true. These are actually false stories business owners believe that cost them their success!!

Success comes from strategy. Working longer hours (not smarter) only pushes the financial and personal freedom you want further and further away.
What most business owners don’t realize is that putting boundaries on your time and learning to say “no” is actually the first and most important key to building the freedom, flexibility and income you want.
You need a complete roadmap (not just styling tips or outdated biz concepts), and you need to know how to use your roadmap if you’re finally going to stop:
  • Working ‘till close and feeling exhausted after being on your feet all day.
  • Coming home and not wanting to be around anyone (except a glass of wine) because you’re tanked from managing stylists and clients all day.
  • Missing your kids’ games, school events and family getaways.
  • Constantly stressing about where next month’s client lineup is going to come from.
  • Babysitting workplace drama.
  • Thinking this is just “the way it has to be” unless you “get lucky.”

Unlike all other training programs available, the 7 Figure Intensive covers the entire gamut—everything you need to know (from marketing, business skills and hot new styling tips to mindset and work-life balance).

Hi, I’m Helena Gibson, and I’m still in the hair replacement / salon  business, working on the floor with clients every week. This means you are getting real time, current training on what’s working and what’s not in the hair industry today—so you can be at the top of your game.

Plus, I’ve taken every other course on the market and designed the 7 Figure Intensive to fill in the training gaps that were missing from other programs, so that 7 Figure Intensive students get the most comprehensive roadmap to success available!

(If you’re like me and want to skip past the fluff right to the course details, click here).

What so many business owners don’t realize

is that they are literally one step away from success—but they just don’t see it—so they quit and never know what they could have had.

This is exactly why we’ve developed the 7 Figure Salon Intensive Roadmap: a step-by-step, done-for-you roadmap to freedom and 7-figure income as a business owner in the hair industry.

Apply today to secure your spot. Only 15 openings are available until September 1st, 2019

The 7 Figure Salon Intensive roadmap walks you through a time-tested, proven plan (based on 20 years of industry experience) to scaling your business and making your studio work for you.

Even if…

  • You’re a single mom and think you can’t afford to leave your studio for a weekend to invest in the course (every training student I’ve worked with who put 100% into doing the work made back at least double).
  • Think you can’t afford to say “no” to clients. Remember that part about learning to say no? It’s actually one of your superpowers… ;-)
  • Think you’re not good at sales.

You don’t even have time to think about your business let alone plan… this is one of the first things we will tackle because it’s what most studio owners struggle with.

Ok, so maybe you’re wondering if the 7 Figure Intensive is right for you.

Here’s who the 7 Figure Intensive not for:

Salon owners already making 7 figures who have their skills down to a T.

Salon owners who are not ready to rewrite their story, or who are not ready to do the work required to build a successful business.

Salon owners just starting out. We require $150,000 minimum in revenue and minimum 2 years owning your business

Now, if you know (like me)

that failure is not an option and you’re willing to work hard, the 7 FIgure Intensive is for you.

The 7 Figure Intensive is for business owners who:

  • Are ready for FREEDOM—more family time, more YOU time, more money and less constant stress
  • Want to work 8-hour days (or less) with clients and stylists they love (instead of being worn down from 12 to 14-hour days at $12.50/hour—yes, that’s the average salary in our industry… crazy, right?!
  • Are ready to grow their business to 7-figures over the next 1-2 years and experience the flexibility that comes with a mature business’s revenue.
  • Are ready to focus on big-picture growth.
  • Want a steady stream of clients and the confidence that comes with knowing how to build this. (It’s not luck. It’s a specific, step-by-step strategy anyone willing to work hard can achieve.)
  • Are strongly motivated and open to continually shifting their mindset and doing the inner work and transformation that leads to positive external outcomes.

Are ready to write a new “personal story” that will literally shape their future success, and their families’.

Yes! I’m ready to re-write my story!




The hair industry is changing FAST—which means if you want to enjoy the lifestyle you want now (not in 20 years, or never), and if you want to get to your ideal clients before your competition does, you can’t bank on “figuring it out alone.”

Being a business owner is already enough of a solo-road. If you’re going to get ahead, you can’t reinvent the wheel.
Nothing is more critical than learning from those who have already spent years figuring out what works best. Plus, those who are successful? They all have coaches.
Based on a time-tested strategy from 20 years of experience and current marketing trends, The 7 Figure Intensive is the only training program specifically designed to help students like you learn to:
  • Experience the financial and personal freedom you went into business for in the first place.
  • Map and do your strategy roadmap so you can spend less time behind the chair and still double (or triple) your income.
  • Market your business the right way in a fast-changing, highly competitive industry (what they never teach you in school).
  • Know exactly how to attract repeat clients willing to pay top dollar (it’s not luck).
  • Manage stylists and save time (instead of being the one with the biggest workload).
  • Perfect the hottest new styling trends.
  • Plan a complete roadmap to success based specifically on your business (because each situation is different and requires a custom plan—we provide the road map and work with you to fill in the blanks so you will know exactly what steps to take next when the weekend is over).
  • Use your mindset as one of the greatest tools in achieving your specific goals (our one and only mission is to make sure you get there).
  • Feel empowered (instead of overwhelmed).
  • Build positive, collaborative, uplifting relationships in your studio.

Be SUPPORTED by an accountable, positive, community of other business owners.

Apply today—risk free, before we fill up!



Saturday Evening, September 21st: Build Your Support Network (VIP Cocktail Hour) [UPGRADE TO VIP TO RECEIVE] (Value $1995)

  • Event registration & mingle with your peers.
  • Expand your connections and start building your support network (social and business networking).
  • Enjoy drinks in a casual environment

Sunday, September 22nd: YOUR Complete Roadmap to the 7 Figure Pillars

  • Business Training (10am-5pm)
  • 7 Pillars - Your Roadmap to Success
    1. Mindset: Find Your Power ($1997 Value)
    2. Strategy: Goal Setting ($997 Value)
    3. Team: Build/Train/Delegate ($2997 Value)
    4. Clients: Who
      1. Experience
    5. Marketing: Facebook Ads, Instagram, Back to Basics Guerilla Marketing ($5997 Value)
    6. Sales: Helena's Exclusive System to Sales...she's not the queen of sales for nothing ($3997 Value)
      1. Execute
      2. Production
      3. Profit
    7. Lifestyle: Have the freedom, time and money YOU desire. Build a plan for your lifestyle ($PRICELESS$)

Monday, September 23rd:  Everything You Need to Know to be at the TOP of Your Marketing Game, in Today’s Competitive Industry

  • Hands-On Training Marketing  (10AM-5PM)
  • What is Marketing?
  • FB Ads: How and why to run them. ($995 Value)
    • Your Website: is it marketing for you? (Value $497)
    • Your Sales Funnel: What is that and how to monetize it. (Value $997)
    • Small group coaching.
  • Take-home accountability (exclusive opportunity to extend your weekend mastermind group) to keep you on track (instead of falling back into old habits) when you get home.
  • Certificates of completion—you did it, and now you have the intensive business & marketing training you need to elevate your business to the next level.


⇢ TOTAL VALUE: $21,000 WOW!!! ⇠

Still have questions about what’s included? We want to make sure you have all the info. you need to make the best decision

The best part? No risk. If you’re not overflowing with motivation and clear, new, strategy-driven ideas by the end of day 1, just tell us and we’ll give you your money back.

Why are we willing to do this? Because we know the 7 Figure Intensive WORKS. We know it’s time-tested. And, we also know that the 7 Figure Salon Intensive isn’t right for everyone (like business owners who are not 100% ready to implement their plan after the weekend). But, every student who has committed 100% to following this step-by-step strategy has experienced a significant return on their investment.
Make the rest of 2019 your best year yet! Apply today, risk-free.

You only get one shot at building your life and your dream. Make it count.

Just for fun, image your life 20 years down the road:

If you make the decisions you’re thinking about making today, what will your life be like in 20 years?
What will you be glad you did? What will you wish you did differently?
Will you still be working the same hours, “settling for less,” letting that little voice inside you (dying to be heard and free) slowly lose its power? Or will you be patting yourself on the back for your accomplishments?
Decisions can be tough. So sometimes it’s helpful to step back, take a breath and imagine what we really want for our life. What really matters, who really matters, and who we want to be there for, who we want to have time for.

Only YOU have the power to change what you want to see changed in your life.

We don’t get somewhere different by doing what we’ve always done.


The 7 Figure Intensive is a golden opportunity to change your course and your outcome.

It’s a small-group setting, with the chance to receive top-tier, small group coaching and intensive game planning. We are only offering 15 spots on a first-come, first-serve application basis.


Apply today to secure your spot. The doors will close September 1st.

Get to your clients before your competition does.

P.S. While we’re on the topic of decisions, here’s why I started the 7 Figure Intensive:

I knew if I didn’t share what I’ve learned and work to help others be successful with their businesses too, I would regret it. So, speaking of no regrets and creating the life we want, I knew I had to listen to that voice and step up to my calling.
For 4 years it was nagging me, telling me I’m meant to make a greater impact on the world… to not keep all this to myself...
This is why I can’t wait to help other business owners who are feeling discouraged, but are committed to their success, actually experience success and learn to:
  • Charge above-average rates and secure a steady stream of repeat, top-tier clients.
  • Run their businesses (instead of being run by their businesses). 
  • Have a business that supports them in life so they can enjoy what life is really about—family, freedom and experience
If you made it this far, I only got one thing left to tell you:
Go join your tribe already
Questions? We’re here for that too. Schedule your call.



If you wait until the last minute to apply, there is no guarantee spots will be available. We are closing the doors September 1st, no exceptions.

Apply to the 7 Figure Intensive today.

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